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SubjectRe: cd-rom locked at boot
Standard behaviour is for the hardware eject button to be disabled ona  
moutned cdrom drive. You either have to put an umount command in your
/etc/rc.d/rc.S after the automount command, or edit your fstab so that it
doesn't automount. There is a way to turn off this locking feature -
unfortunately, I don't remember what it is... If you take the CD out when
you leave the drive open, you shouldn't have any problems. If you need the
drive open when you turn your computer off, you might be able to add
something to your shutdown command list that opens the drive before your
computer halts/restarts... using the eject command, maybe...


> If I start linux with lilo as usual with the cdrom drive opened (full or
> empty), the kernel close it when searches for hdc, but then I can' t open
> the cdrom pressing the eject button as it' s been mounted.
> Anybody has this problem?
> Andrea Arcangeli


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