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SubjectRe: UseNet Gateway One Way ok?
In article <>,
Ricky Beam <> wrote:
>Letting the chips far where they may, I quote david parsons:
>> If it's a one-way feed, it could be set up to mangle headers so that
>> only a human can figure them out. Rot13 the from: address, or put
>> spaces in it, or anything along those lines.
>Unlikely... unless a human is constantly mangling the headers in such a
>way as to prevent any logical way to detect how it was manged, then a computer
>could be programmed to de-mangle the headers. The only sure way is to remove
>them entirely!

(this is my last post on this subject, honest!)

You're assuming as case where this is the only game in town, though;
in reality, the mailing list people have such a large pool of
uncloaked addresses that if you keep yourself even slightly ahead of
the game, they won't bother.

david parsons \bi/ But they do look in signatures: abuse@localhost

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