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SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC] Seagate ST32132A, problems with this drive !
On Sun, 25 May 1997, Riccardo Facchetti wrote:

> Hello,
> I know this is an offtopic, but I need help from you ppl.
> I have bought a new ST32132A, 2 Gig HD. I have test it doing:

[ ... snip ... ]

> MB: Tyan Tomcat IIID
> ide0/Master: QUANTUM LPS270A (Quantum 270 Megs), CHS
> ide0/Slave: ST51080A (Seagate 1 Gig), LBA
> ide1/One Drive Only: ST32132A (Seagate Medalist 2 Gig), LBA

Well, I doubt it's the drive. I just bought the exact same drive recently,
and have had no problems. I do have it as a slave to a Seagate Medalist
1GB drive on IDE0 (hdb). It's on an Intel Zappa (430FX) motherboard. It's
been flawless, so you might be having BIOS or board problems, or maybe the
drive is defective or something. I know mine is not.

> Is someone knowing if there is some incompatibility between these drives ?
> Hmmm I have alredy take the decision to return the ST32132A to the shop
> for a replace because I have the suspect that this drive is broken, but
> I want to know if the problem is the drive broken or some incompatibility
> that can show up with this model. In the second case, I have to replace
> the drive with a new, different, one and not with a new, same model, one.

Derrik Pates

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