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SubjectRe: Evil TCPD? (Was: Re: UseNet Gateway One Way ok?)
  Jon Lewis <> writes:
> > - Intentionally drop packets... (give them _less_ than UDP priority)
> > ("He's sending packets too fast... drop 'em")
> This may keep their system busy, but it won't do a lot of good for your
> net connection either.
The best thing to do would be to accept the mail (with _really_ low
bandwidth) up to the final dot but instead of sending the final SMTP
"ok-delivered" message you do "getchar(SMTP); exit(99);". Bingo, their SMTP
is blocked until they decide to timeout (and it's a really long timeout at
this point). If enough people do this...

> BGP "accidents" with bogus as paths might be interesting too.
Since they connect directly to mae-east... it'd be possible to grab their
networks, though; simply publish two /16s for each /15 they announce, and
so on. ( has a _lot_ of networks. Way too many, in fact. It seems
that they're equally interested in conserving IP numbers as in listening to
spam receivers' complaints.)

1) When things just can't get any worse, they will.
2) Anytime things appear to be going better, you have overlooked something.
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