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SubjectRe: make menuconfig bug in pre2.0.31
On Sun, 25 May 1997, Nathan Bryant wrote:

> Hi,
> Just found a buglet in 'make menuconfig' in pre2.0.31. When I have to
> input a numeric value, such as IRQ values for the sound card, it says 'you
> have made an invalid entry.' make config works normally.

I have noticed the same thing, although it seems to me that it
strikes mostly for DMA, when you can legitimately enter 0 or -1 (the
former being a valid DMA, the latter to disable the option) but 'make
menuconfig' only accepts positive numbers. It makes it a tad annoying to
configure my sound card, which uses DMA 0 :/. However, the 'buglet' also
seems to plague 2.1.3[678] menuconfigs.

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