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SubjectRe: ifos9660 in 2.0.30
> On Tue, 20 May 1997, Jacques Gelinas wrote:
> > > > Just wanted to make sure someone reports this. If you have ifos9660 as
> > > > a module, the kernel says that ifos9660 isn't a supported file system when
> > > > you try to mount a cd. It works when you don't use the module. Also it
> > > > worked in 2.0.29 as a module.

> > It is working here with 2.0.30 and with any other previous release. For
> > sure I am running kerneld which load it on demand.
I've had that particular demand-loading fail on me, but I think it was
due to too many things being asked of kerneld by the same mount request,
and a race condition somewhere.

My current, possibly similar problem, with kerneld and 2.1.29, is that
with FAT and MS-DOS-fs as modules, I can't mount my /dos partition on
bootup (doesn't like the fs type msdos); even repeating the mount call
right after the kerneld invocation doesn't help, but by the time I
get a prompt, there's no problem.

This could be something with sysvinit (2.64 and maybe 2.69 as well) and/or
kerneld backgrounding itself before it finishes its installation) though.


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