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    SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC] Mailing Lists
    > Could we come up with a scheme to decentralize the mailing lists so that
    > one host cannot result in everything failing and some means of automatic
    > load determination? Sounds complicated... Maybe someone here has an idea
    > to do it in a simple and easy way.

    You create a domain - say "" and make it an MX
    record with a short expiry. Now you run the bind patches that do host
    up verification to pick which machine they respond with on the MX, finally
    you create a whole complex layer to avoid loops and to handle delivery

    Alternatively you can flood fill - it's called USENET ;) - unfortunately
    when DaveM decided to dump Usenet the linux.* groups where left moderated,
    pointing to a dead address and dumped. Thats causing lots of people to
    use the lists who would have stayed using linux.* even if it was seperate,
    its removed a means where "xyz is down" messages get around and it looks
    incredibly unprofessional to news admins and usenet folks

    Someone please unmoderate the bloody groups

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