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Subject[Re: Kernel 2.0.30]
> >
> > What's happening is your klogd is looking for a valid file, and
> > not finding it. Put the one for your current kernel somwhere where your
> > klogd will find it.
> That was exactly the problem. But do we now have to manually copy the
> to the boot directory when we recompile the kernel? During
> the kernel compile process, the is placed in the root directory
> with the kernel.

Whoa, I was wrong. It seems I am ruuning the Slackware 95 distribution
on one machine and klogd loads the symbols fine.
Linux version 2.0.30 (root@ringo) (gcc version 2.7.2) #2 Fri Apr 18 14:01:32 CDT 1997

The new machine is running the Slackware 3.2 distribution and klogd fails to load the symbols.
Linux version 2.0.30 (root@shemp) (gcc version #8 Sat May 17 20:48:22 CDT 1997

Seems it may be the differance in the compilers.
Here is a sample of the two files.

Slackware 95
00100000 T _stext
00100000 T stext
00100000 t startup_32
001000bc t isnew
00100116 t is486
00100127 t is386
0010017d t L6
0010017f t check_x87
001001aa t setup_idt

Slackware 3.2
0000000000100000 T _stext
0000000000100000 T stext
0000000000100000 t startup_32
00000000001000bc t isnew
0000000000100116 t is486
0000000000100127 t is386
000000000010017d t L6
000000000010017f t check_x87
00000000001001aa t setup_idt

I am running klogd 1.3-0 on the Slackware 3.2 machine. Is there another
newer version that I should get?

The only way to get klogd to load the symbols is to run this short shell
script on the to remove the leading 0s.

/bin/mv / /System.tmp
cat /System.tmp | cut -b9- > /
exit 0

Gary White
Network Administrator
Internet Pathway 601-776-3355
BBS 601-776-2314

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