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SubjectRe: Alpha 500 vs Bi Ppro.
On Thu, 15 May 1997, Yann DUPONT wrote:

> Hello. We are testing some new machines, and I'd like to hear
> experiences from others ...
> Today we were comparing
> a Bi Ppro 200 (128 Mo Ram) & A No-name Alpha 500 Mhz (21164 Ev5) 256 Mo Ram
> 1Mo cache.
> Both were loaded with redHat 4.2. (Linux 2.0.30)
> To our great disapointment, it seems that the pentium Pro is faster
> than the Alpha. We weren't expecting that.
> Ok, maybe we didn't test it the right way, and we will give it another
> try with a more serious benchmark. Anyway, today we tested:
> Compilation :
> For exemple we compiled Python 1.4
> (make -j)
> on bip (Bi pentium pro) => 26 sec.
> on Alpha => 57 sec
> Ok, maybe the code generation on alpha is longer ?

Even if the Alpha is twice as fast, the PPro is running SMP, so two
process run at the same time. Especially for processor-intensive jobs
such as compiling, you will have better performance with an SMP machine.

Christophe Dupre
CIC Web Publishing, inc.

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