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SubjectRe: Out of memory kernel death (fwd)
On Sat, 10 May 1997, Jim Nance wrote:

> The policy I prefer is to kill things based on their age, youngest
> first, perhaps excluding processes that are very small or owned by root.
> This has two features that I think are important. The first is that X
> clients will die before the X server. The second stems from the kind of
> jobs I typically run. These are large CAD jobs that take several hundred
> Meg of ram and can run for several days. The last thing I want to happen
> after 20 hours of runtime is for someone to login to the machine and
> fire up netscape and have it kill my CAD job because it needs more memory.
> If I was there first I should get priority.
How about a bunch of stuff in the config programs (make config,
menuconfig, etc..) to allow the user to specify the criteria for process
killing? :)

Tim P. Gerla | | | Tybstar@IRC

If you are thinking of 'upgrading' to Windows NT, why line
Bill's pockets? Support powerful, free software. Go Linux!

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