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SubjectRe: CONFIG_SERIAL_CONSOLE in v2.1.31
Paul Gortmaker <> writes:
> First off, thanks to whoever did the console work in v2.1.31 -- it saves

It was I. I forgot to add my name to the comments, I guess I should
send Linus a patch for it.

> My only minor gripe is that you still can't select the serial port without
> having to locate and edit some #define buried in some file.

I was lazy and did not make it any better than it was before in this

However, wouldn't it be better to just have added

if [ "$CONFIG_SERIAL_CONSOLE" = "y" ]; then
int ' Serial console port' CONFIG_SERIAL_CONSOLE_PORT 0

the serial.c was already prepared for this.

Marko Kohtala -,

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