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SubjectRe: Solaris source
Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> Several people in Sun already told me that Sun's main aim in the OS field is
> to beat Linux. I keep telling them, hey, fight against Microsoft, but they
> probably want to compete with real Operating Systems and not with Microsoft
> crap...

People buying MS think "so we don't have to learn Unix"; they will
refuse any flavor of Unix, commercial or not. Functionality is not
an issue for them and not even Sun will put their feet in there.

People buying (if we can say so :) Linux may consider giving a try
to Solaris attracted by the "source code" keywords. To them, I'd
say: remember, it is NOT "free source code". The Java example of
months ago should serve as a lesson.

And as Maciej Stachowiak said, I also think Sun is getting scared
of SparcLinux UP, fearing what happens when SMP starts screaming.


--alessandro <> <>

Linux-i386 kernel-2.1.36 libc-5.4.23 gcc- binutils-

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