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SubjectEIDE beats SCSI
Dear Bryn,

I do not use ISA PNP Utility because it won't go through on my system.
Its motherboard has only four EISA and two ISA slots.
When I boot Linux, I typed: "ramdisk ide2=0x168,0x36e,10". It begins to
work fine. It can boot Linux and detect CD-ROM through Sound Blaster AWE32
PNP with no problems. It is very strange that I do not need to use ISA PNP
When I add: "AHA152x=0x140,11,4,1" after "ide2=0x168,0x36e,10". It can
detect SCSI, but it gives too many devices such as sda1, sdb1, sdc1,
....sdg1. SCSI is not supposed to give more than 7 devices, but only one
device for Jaz Drive. It does not detect CD-ROM because SCSI was active.
I boot Linux without detecting SCSI but detect CD-ROM that works fine.

Bryan Parkoff

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