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SubjectBoot problems with 2.1.33-2.1.35

I have compiled 2.1.33, 2.1.34, and 2.1.35 and all either cause LILO to
LI or get to Booting kernel message and hang. I have tried updating the
mentioned in Changes and recompiling 2.1.35 with no luck. I have been
running 2.1.X up to 2.1.30 with no problem. I would welcome any

Some of my configuration is:

Pentium 133
Tyan Tomcat I motherboard
32mb of 60ns parity memory
IDE HD and CDROM using bus mastering driver
Parrallel Zip Drive with support in kernel
Logitech Soundman running PAS16 driver with Soundblaster emulation.

Nathan Grennan

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