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    Subject2.1.34 locking problems
    I'm using 2.0.29 and have tried to upgrade to 2.1.30 2.1.33 and 2.1.34 all
    of which lock up on me.

    I compiled ksymoops but it is seg faulting just on the kernel map and if I
    give it the Oops it does 100% processing not doing anything.

    Here are some of the errors.
    idel task may not sleep
    arp_free called from SPL=0
    arp_purge_send-q called from SPL=0
    arp_neigh_destroy called from SPL=0
    arp_purge_send_q called from SPL=0
    Couldn't get a free page.....
    I had gotten two kernel oopses with process gpm and then,
    Aiee, killing interrupt handler
    I could get to my computer from over the network, but it wasn't
    registering keyboard or mouse interrupts. /proc/interrupts wasn't

    Other information about my computer, Tyan Tomcat III, k5, ncr53c810,

    Any idea? After I compiled 2.1.34 it looked ok for a while and I was
    getting really excited about trying out the ipv6, but I can't since the
    computer keeps locking up. 2.0.29 works without any problems.

    | David Fries |
    | |

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