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SubjectRe: UNIX: The Experiment That Failed
> You people are still trying to promote some UNIX OS?
> Get real, this is the '90s.
> - reasons why NT will crush UNIX.

Well, lets get this idiot off-topic and make some fun of it.

Some reasons why NT will crush UNIX:

- We have more dumb people in word than smart ones
- Bill Gates is a borg -> Resistance is futile
- People can always put that old 486DX4100 with 16Mb of RAM to hold the
door, and buy a new PPro 200 to install NT, and think they can do the
same Linux do in that 'door holding' 486

Anyone wanna continue ? :-) is based on NT ? If yes, they should try UNIX, couse the site is

Sorry for the off-topic, but this is the best we can do.

"There are no arguments against ignorance..."


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