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SubjectRe: Now, why didn't we think of this before?

You have absolutely zero (0) foresight.

> (try to get 1200 web operations per second on a Java VM based kernel
> using current processors, not gonna happen)

Personally I believe this is not because it cannot be done --- but rather
because no one knows how to do it, and those who might aren't.

On Mon, 24 Mar 1997, David S. Miller wrote:

> Let's implement system calls via RPC while we are at it...
> A few things:
> 1) threaded kernel is being worked on, we should be scaling nicely
> on SMP as a result some time in the near future
> 2) re-entrant kernel, in the cases where it even makes sense to do
> so we will get it for free via #1, if you want a pre-emptive kernel
> that is another story all together
> Memory may be cheap, however on chip cache is not. This is one of the
> biggest arguments against persistant resizable storage, and why real
> systems continue to be monolithic and written in C/Assembler.
> People who want a Linux kernel in Java VM, go ahead be my guest and
> implement such a thing. However I will never encourage anyone to use
> it who happens to care about performance. I have enough trouble
> getting every last cycle out of the kernel using C and Assembler.
> Eventually perhaps systems will be fast enough that a Java VM written
> kernel would have even passable performance. It will be quite a
> statement of how we can waste CPU cycles, the VLSI guys are
> essentially wasting their time at such a point because the software
> people are in a state of delirium. If we have left it any time
> recently, this would put us right back into the software crisis
> again that everyone moans about.
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