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SubjectRe: ln weirdness
On Mon, 24 Mar 1997, Andrew Walker wrote:

> Did that make sense? What you are experiencing is correct UNIX practice.
> A lot of people who are new to UNIX (I'm not saying you're a newbie,
> but you obviously weren't aware of this) don't fully grasp the permissions
> stuff, and think they have discovered huge security holes in UNIX. They
> haven't! Its designed that way. Its a feature not a bug.

While I agree with you for the most part, I must insist that while such
magical hacks as the rwxrwxrwt settings can exist, such magical hacks as
disabling hardlinks from files you don't have read or write access to should
also exist as an option. At the very least, you must not make the
assumption that a feature is not a security hole.

Greg Alexander
Anyone who cannot cope with mathematics is not fully human. At best he is a
tolerable subhuman who has learned to wear shoes, bathe and not make messes
in the house.
-- Lazarus Long, "Time Enough for Love"

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