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    The next release of the GNU C library is available at

    and all of its mirror sites. There is also a patch for the 2.0.1 release
    available at

    The major difference to the 2.0.1 release is that literally hundreds
    of bugs are fixed. I don't expect severe problem when using the this
    version of the library anymore.

    At the same time new versions of the official add-ons ae available at

    Please note the people from outside the USA must not download the
    glibc-crypt-2.0.2.tar.gz file from prep. Instead use the European
    mirror site at

    (This file will be available soon, but the 2.0 release is really the same.)

    This release is a bit late but I had (and still have) disk problems.
    In a disk crash I lost my whole local development environment and
    getting all new installed on my slow systems takes some time. I hope
    future updates won't take that long.

    Reporting bugs:

    Please use the `glibcbug' shell script to report bugs. This will help
    a lot since this information is also available to the public. There
    exists a WWW interface to the GNU problem report database which is
    available at

    Please make sure you read the file `BUGS' in the source distribution
    before reporting a bug.

    General news/notes:

    - GNU libc is usable on the Hurd.

    - though I've received no single bug report on the math library I've
    fixed about 100 bugs. This does not mean the libm in 2.0.1 was buggier
    than any other libm.

    - some bugs in the Berkeley DB library were fixed.

    - the collation functions now finally should be correctly handle all

    - the function `atoll' is new (coming from ISO C 9X)

    - the headers now should be C++ safe.

    - the time zone code and data are updated.

    - support for on Linux is added.

    - some more tests are added.

    - many, many bugs are fixed.

    Notes for the Hurd:

    (by Thomas Bushnell, n/BSG <>)
    This version of glibc has been verified to work on the GNU Hurd.
    However, because of an ld bug that existed when GNU 0.0 was released,
    this libc is NOT binary compatible with a GNU 0.0 system. Any program
    that uses NSS (that is, any program that looks up user or host names,
    etc.) will not work if you install this library on a GNU 0.0 system.
    (The same comments apply to anyone using a GNU 0.1 system.) This
    version of glibc will, however, be the basis for the forthcoming GNU
    0.2 release.

    Notes for Linux:

    - 2.0.2 fixes many problems with using Linux headers. I.e., replacements
    for the headers are provided. Kernel headers shall not be used explicitly.

    - Make sure you use or above.

    Notes on the future:

    There will be as many 2.0.x releases of GNU libc as necessary. If an
    important bug is fixed I'll make a new release. We are in parallel
    working on the 2.1 release of the GNU libc.

    New things coming in 2.1 are:

    - Almost complete support for ISO C 9X (as far as the library is concerned)

    - More ports: GNU libc now runs also on Linux on MIPS, SPARC, and PPC,
    including shared libraries.

    - ELF symbol versioning is implemented.

    - Various performance tweaks.

    - NIS+ support.

    What can **YOU** do ???

    With the release of GNU libc 2.0 I hoped to find a wider audience and
    that more people actively support the development. But I got
    disappointed. Several people help locating and fixing bugs and I
    appreciate this very much. But I got (almost) no reactions from
    people who actively want to help developing. I think this is sad.
    The more people help the sooner GNU libc is finished. People taking
    over small jobs would help a lot since people from the core
    development group could work on larger projects.

    People with only limited programming knowledge can participate by
    writing/editing the documentation, clean source code/header. Or in my
    my opinion the most important task: write test.

    The test suite is one of the biggest advantages of the GNU libc but it
    is still not extensive enough. Please, just pick one function and
    write a few reasonable tests which test as many aspects as possible.
    These are small projects which can in the end help a lot by reducing
    the debug time.

    As always I want to thank my eager helpers without who this piece of
    software never would exist in this form.

    -- Uli
    ---------------. ,-. Rubensstrasse 5
    Ulrich Drepper \ ,-------------------' \ 76149 Karlsruhe/Germany
    Cygnus Solutions `--' `------------------------

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