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SubjectRe: [masq] 1st virus in Linux :( (fwd)
In article <>,
<> wrote:
>On 7 Feb, Ingo Molnar wrote:
>> On Fri, 7 Feb 1997, Chris Y. wrote:
>> > Just picked this off of one my my mailing lists... you should check it
>> > out.
>> > Its target is users who play games such as doom over the Internet with
>> ^^^^
>> > root access.
>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> this says it all .... :)
>Doesn't doom give up root access once it has io perms to the video
>hardware, etc.? I would think this would only be a problem if run by
>root which is just simply a stupid thing to do. Isn't this a case of
>those that are causual about security get what they deserve?
>If I am correct, then McAfee should be clearer about the threat because
>their web page doesn't help Linux at all by suggesting that it is the
>first Unix that is suseptable to a virus and pointing out that all the
>Windoze OSes are not vulnerable to it.

I'm not a spokesman for McAfee, just the person who ported Virus Scan
to Linux, but I didn't read the press release like that at all. (The
release even mentions that McAfee produces antiviral products for a
large wad of operating systems, including Linux.) All it says is that
this particular virus doesn't run on other platforms, and it certainly
doesn't even come anywhere close to implying that MS operating systems
are not susceptable to virii.

david parsons \bi/

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