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SubjectPPP under 2.0.27 HELP!


From a fresh install of WGS' Linux Pro 4.0 which
uses kernel 1.2.13 I can use ppp just fine.
If I cat /proc/net/dev I get the lo loopback device
and 3 or 4 ppp interfaces. And I have all the other
configurations set so that I can indeed connect and
get stuff from the outside world (ftp. telnet, mail, trn etc..)
just fine.

I installed the kernel sources for 2.0.27 and compiled it to
support ppp in the kernel NOT as a module (modules suck
at this they don't work ALL the time.) Then I
manually edited the top level makefile so as to enable SMP
support. I have a dual Pentium 133Mhz Tyan Tomcat III
if that matters. I have plenty of RAM and the like. Once I
compile this 2.0.27 kernel and make certain lilo is happy, I
reboot the machine and use the new 2.0.27 kernel. All
the compiled options are there I even get the PPP line discipline
registered line upon bootup and it finds the 2nd processor and
sound works...and my SCSI card is happy also. BUT when I
cat /proc/net/dev I ONLY get the lo loopback device and
NOTHING else in the output of that command!! What the hell
is 2.0.27 doing with my PPP interface(s)??!!

When I reboot and use the old kernel and then try ppp all is
fine once again. So this has got to be a kernel problem!

Also I remember on announce that the dosemu team posted
the availability of a new version of dosemu and that one should
use it only with 2.0.28 kernel revisions or better. Well I have
practically scoured all the links from Redhats mirror sites looking
for 2.0.28 kernel sources and I cannot find them...seems the newest
I am able to find is 2.0.27-6. Anyone know where it is hiding?

Thanks in advance,

Gary Wolfe

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