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SubjectRe: CROSSPOSTED: why is vger bouncing mail off funet?
On Fri, 7 Feb 1997, Cameron MacKinnon wrote:

> I'm subscribed to kernel and smp, and just noticed that the listserver
> at Rutgers is bouncing all mail bound for me off Is this
> normal? Is this sane? Canada's where I am, and I'm better connected to
> the US than Finland, I think! I subscribed via Majordomo at vger, and
> its been like this since I subscribed in early December. is but one of the exploders for the various linux lists (Our
domain explodes for Africa and a couple of other countries). Actually the
traffic on the various lists is rather horrendous and instead of having poor
vger resend every mail posted to each relevant subscriber, it sends a
mailheader-modified message to various exploders around the world to
distribute on its behalf.

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