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SubjectFW: Problems with semaphores

Hello :

I am installing Oracle 7.1.6 for SCO Unix 3.2v4.2 in a Linux box running kernel 2.0.27. It installed very well, but when I try to startup the Oracle system appears this message :

ORA-07265 : sppst : semop error, unable to increment semaphore.
AT&T System V/386 Error : 34 : result too large.

This error is because it is necessary to increase the number of semaphores used in the system.

In my original linux/sem.h I had this values set :

#define SEMMNI 128
#define SEMMSL 32
#define SEMOPM 32

And I changed to :

#define SEMMNI 1024
#define SEMMSL 512
#define SEMOPM 64

And then recompile the kernel whit the new values, but I got the same error.

That I need is to increase the number of semaphores used in the system, maybe I forgot to set other parameters. How coul I do that ?

Thanks in Advance

Mauricio Alvarez

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