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4 Feb 1997

  RE: and .config in zImage (was Re: A couple "normal uIon Badulescu
  Re: unable to compile 2.1.x aidas@ixsrs4 ...
  Re: Probelm with PPP disconnectingJohn Wyszynski
[New] Reliable OOPS'es on 2.0.28/2.1.25 after modify_ldtIon Badulescu
  Re: More clean ups and a few more syscalls that don't need lockingTrevor Johnson
[New] Re: Exceptions at [<c012cxxx>] (c01xxxxx)Michael Driscoll
  Re: Probelm with PPP disconnecting"David S. Miller"
  Re: kernel too big?Trevor Johnson
[New] Encrypted filesystem utilsSolitude
  Re: kernel too big?Trevor Johnson
[New] Race condition in disk writing or bash problem?(Marc MERLIN)
[New] Quick and Dirty Patch for ifconfigJohn Gotts
  Re: (no subject)"W. Reilly Cooley"
  Re: csum_partial_copy_fromuser patch, #2"David S. Miller"
  Re: csum_partial_copy_fromuser patch, #2Jakub Jelinek
  Re: Kernel InternalsDavid A Rusling
[New] RE: SignalsPARMELAN Edouard
[New] crond V2.2 dillonFlippie Spies
  Re: linux-2.0.2{7,8} smbfs & ncpfs hangsMichael Boettger
  Re: unable to compile 2.1.x [errata corrige]Franco De Angelis
  Driver for ESDI driveJim Richey
  Re: USRobotics Pilot 68000 and OS in ROM, Fancy that!Jes Degn Soerensen
[New] depmod failure in 2.1.25George H Byrkit
  Re: Driver for ESDI drive"Michael H. Warfield"
[New] Re: Driver for ESDI drive"Lauri Tischler"
[New] BIG Problem??!!??Teodor Iacob ~SysAdm~
  RE: Religious What? [WAS Re: (no subject)]Morgan Sarges
[New] Oops in 2.1.25(Rafael D'Halleweyn)
  Re: depmod failure in 2.1.25todd roy
[New] Token-Ring Source-Routing Patch"Paul P. Norton"
[New] Re: csum_partial_copy_fromuser patch, #2Tom May
[New] 2.1.25: Q re modular SCSI CD <mike@duncodin ...
  Re: Signals"Adam D. Bradley"
  Re: Packages required for 2.1.24(Alan Cox)
  Re: Religious What? [WAS Re: (no subject)](Joe Fouche)
  Re: Lib audioMarkus Gutschke
  Re: 3Com 3x90x series network cards.DUPRE Christophe
  Re: (no subject)David McIntyre
  Re: The file that kills linux tcp(Alan Cox)
  Re: Lib audio"Markus Gutschke"
  2.1.25 module OOPSKevin Lentin
  Re: The file that kills linux tcpArnt Gulbrandsen
  Re: kfaultd report"Andrew E. Mileski"
  Re: Signals(H. Peter Anvin)
  Re: IRQ, I/O and DMA identifiers as sound module parameters?"Markus Gutschke"
  Re: IRQ, I/O and DMA identifiers as sound module parameters?Markus Gutschke
[New] Cyclom 16Y on pentium 200MhzArnaldo Carvalho de Melo
  Re: Driver for ESDI drive"Steven N. Hirsch"
[New] depmod oopses + workaround patchRichard Henderson
[New] Linux PCI device-ID database jmaurer@cck ...
  Re: kfaultd report"Michael L. Galbraith"
  Re: BIG Problem??!!??Solitude
  Re: Signals"Richard B. Johnson"
  Thanks! [was: unable to compile 2.1.x]Franco
[New] Re: i386 csum_partial_copy() stuff, go #3Jakub Jelinek
[New] depmod -a misses some dependencies"Karl M. Hegbloom"
  PCI NE2000 cloneTrevor Johnson
[New] Intel EthernetExpress 100/10 (eepro)xtract
  Re: depmod oopses + workaround patchGeorge H Byrkit
  Re: IRQ, I/O and DMA identifiers as sound module parameters?Hannu Savolainen
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