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SubjectSound/Floppy DMA alloc problems 2.1, 8MB RAM

Hi. I am currently using the 2.1 kernel series (2.1.24), but I have the
following problem:-

When I try to use the soundcard (DSP), I get the "/dev/dsp: Out of memory"
or similar, and the kernel reports "Sound error: Couldn't allocate DMA
buffer". The AWE32 driver works OK, unless it is loaded as a module, in
which case, the entire system locks up when you try to use it.

I also get a similar error when I try to use the floppy drive (module or
compiled-in) - "mount: /dev/fd0 is not a valid block device", and the
kernel reports:-

inserting floppy driver for 2.1.24
Floppy drive(s): fd0 is 1.44M
FDC 0 is an 8272A
floppy0: Unable to allocate DMA memory

In both cases, the complaints are about not being able to allocate DMA
memory. This doesn't happen on 2.0 kernels, and it didn't happen with some
of the earlier 2.1 kernels.

My system is a DX4/100 (Intel), 8Megs RAM.

Please reply by email, as I don't usually read linux-kernel (too high a
volume). However, I do think it is important to get this problem sorted
out, and will try any patches anyone sends to me to fix it.

Tom Lees <>
PGP ID 87D4D065, fingerprint 2A 66 86 9D 02 4D A6 1E B8 A2 17 9D 4F 9B 89 D6
finger for full public key (also available on keyservers)

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