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SubjectPentium optimized kernel
hey I'm trying to build a pentium optimized kernel but my benchmarks
aren't any better (actually sometimes worse)

I have used the latest pentium compiler snapshot, and I'm using the
pentium memcpy patch ... but benchmarks are about the same as they were
before ...

I thught I have missed something ...

in my Makefile I tried several diff optimizations but -O6 produces too
large kernel, and -O2 works but no speed inncrease ..

in arch/i386/Makefile I have changed the pentium compiler options to
-mpentium and took out the aligments, since leaving them in left the
kernel SLOWER then it used to be ... I have tried it with/without th
epentium patch .. but whatever I do my benchmark (byte) ... is allways
14.[0-6] and lower .... usually at 14 somewhere ... In the actual numbers
there seems to be just a tiny fluctuation but no serious increase decrease
... (well once it dropped to about 12 for average when I mistakenly 486
optimzied it with the pentium compiler :)

what are the best flags to use with the pentium pgcc snapshot ....

btw I'm running Pentium 133, kernel 2.1.25, 48 meg ram ... I ain't on my
machine so I can't send the cpuinfo ....

otherwise then being slow the system runs perfect ... no glitches ...
(well slow .... I mean it's running at the same speed as 486 optimized :)


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