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SubjectRe: Machine friendly format for /proc files
yuri mironoff ( wrote:
: > Wouldn't ioctl support for /proc files be more logical?

: As an example consider the infamous 'top' utility. It eats 3% of the
: CPU to display a subset (whatever fits on screen) of 44 processes. This is
: on a Pentium Pro 200. A similar program on HP-UX (a much slower OS
: according to all the benchmarks) never exceeds 1% - and thats with 350
: processes.

Yes, but that same top source works, un-ifdefed, on sparc/intel/alpha linux.
That's more important.

: Why not develop a system call for obtaining process info? The same
: goes for IO. Wouldn't it be nice to have a STANDARD api for querrying all
: devices that do IO? Imagine all the utilities that could be written to
: take advantage of information like this?

Your reasoning is right, your answer is wrong. We have a standard API, it
is ascii files. I've been dealing with problems like this for 15 years.
The Linux way is better. We have better things to do than report every
tool when the architecture changes.
Larry McVoy (415) 933-1804

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