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SubjectRe: /proc file system, seems to -not- have standardisation ?
On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, James W. Laferriere wrote:
> I am not saying that the present scheme is a bad
> thing, just that it isn't being standardised. I have been
> toying around with the -rough- scheme below.
> ( note, I've removed the 'dev' directory idea ;-)
> /proc/audio < soundblasters,midi,...
> /proc/bus < isa,eisa,vme,sbus,pci,std,vlb,...
> /proc/tty < terminal-sess.s,... you've already done.
> /proc/cpu < cpu's.. ? already present as file cpuinfo
> /proc/graphics (video ?)
> /proc/io
> /proc/keyboard
> /proc/memory < meminfo, ramdisks, ...
> /proc/parallel
> /proc/pointing
> /proc/net < already present as a directory
> /proc/serial
> /proc/storage

The sheme breaks right here. It implies that either you distribute all
SCSI devices all over the place (and you would still have the SCSI
controllers themselves, which you would have to put somewhere) or
that all SCSI devices are storage devices, which they definitely are not.

> > And, it's pretty obvious that if I'm interesting in something related to
> > the SCSI system, I should look in /proc/scsi.
> OK, just grand. ;-)
> Now try this on for size.
> the ncr53c8xx scsi driver, you'll see that there is info here
> that isn't seen readily, that there are 2 scsi controllers here.

No, but what you can see it that you have active drivers of certain types,
to which are tied certain controllers.

This is a driver centric view, which gives you more information
on first sight then what you suggest. It also immediately what format
to expect if you look at the driver/controller infromation.

With you solution this would not be possible, or you would have to try to
standarize the information you can get from them, but that is like trying
to get a professional dancer, a professional football player and a baker
to wear the same clothes. It does not fit, they are too different.

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