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SubjectProblem with kernel 2.1.26 & 2.1.25

Until now I've successfully installed almost every kernel. Now I'working
with release 2.1.16.

I've installed all new program from 'Linux v2 Information Headquarters'
home-page, installed source kernel 2.1.26 and compiled.

But it don't work.

I load the new kernel with loadlin, and after the screen becomes black,
I receive a message-error saying I've less then 4MB.

I installed the 2.1.25 release, but it happend the same things:-(

The 2.1.16 is still working OK.

My Computer is a CyrixP166+,32MB EDO Ram, 256Kb L2, and TMC AI5TV
(CD and HD are SCSI devices, connected with a NCR810 Controller)

Could someone help me or tell what is going on?


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