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SubjectRe: What are you doing, VGER? [OFF TOPIC]
At 08:19 18/02/97 -0500, Greg Patterson wrote:
>What is up with vger? I have received over 80 messages over night and
>many of the postings were from a select few people repeated 8-10 times
>with the exact same messages.
>Is someone playing a practical joke on me or is this a general problem?

I have been receiving multiple copies of one or two posts, as well as the
Linux-Kernel-Digest multiple times. Which is weird, because ... get this
... I've not subscribed to the digest!

Must be some sort of chemical pollutant in the water, or something.
William R Sowerbutts (BtG)
Coder / Guru / Nrrrd
main(){char*s=">#=0> ^#X@#@^7=";int c=0,m;for(;c<15;c++)for

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