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Subjectsmbmount woes
I'm using Linux on a LAN.  I have several Windows 95 systems on the LAN
which can be mounted on the Linux box using smbmount (smbfs-0.8). Using
kernel 2.0.22 with the smbfs patches applied I have no problems working on
the mounted filesystems. On switching to kernel 2.0.29, which apparently
has the smbfs patches already applied, I'm having a number of problems
writing to files on on the smbfs filesystem, apparently associated with
spurious error returns from one or more file I/O system calls.

I can send more details if necessary but thought this might be a known
problem since apparently it goes back several kernel versions (I had it with
2.0.25 also). I've written to Volker Lendecke about the problem, but since
it seems to be related to the kernel version, perhaps this is a more
appropriate place to inquire.

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