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SubjectSocket changes from 2.0 to 2.1
Solid Technology from Finland delivers a database product for linux
which looks very promising. However, I am having trouble running it on
linux 2.1.

Basically, there seems to be some problem with using "local" sockets
for communicating between the client and the server. Looking at the
log files, it seems that the client is able to connect, but is
immediately disconnected again (I do not know whether this is the
server or the clients fault).

If I connect from a "remote" socket (on another machine) everything
works fine. I have been in contact with Solid, and they are working on
it, but right now it seems they are more eager to get their next
release of Solid out of the door (which also allows for using pipes
for local communication between the client and server).

Anyway, I am curious about what broke Solid, since it seems it has not
broken many other products which relies on "local" TCP for

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance..

Marius Kjeldahl -=> Funcom - the computer games company! <=-
Unix experience + games interest? => join us in creating entertainment
for the internet. Keywords: Network/server programming, distributed
systems, threads, C/C++. Contact me at or +47 22420102.

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