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SubjectKernel boot hang after upgrade
I'm not sure whether this is the correct mailing-list to ask this question.
If it isn't please let me know which group is appropriate.

I've just upgraded my kernel from 1.2.3 to 2.0.28 and created a boot disk

make zdisk
When I try to boot the new kernel, it prints out all the diagnostic messages
up to the point where it mounts the ext2fs filesystem, and then it just

I've tracked the error down to this protion of the code in init/main.c:

while (1) {
pid = kernel_thread(do_shell,
execute_command ? execute_command : "/bin/sh",
if (pid < 0) {
printf("Fork failed in init\n\r");
while (1)
/**************************RIGHT HERE !!!! ***************************/
if (pid == wait(&i))

/****************************************** ***************************/
printf("\n\rchild %d died with code %04x\n\r",pid,i);

In other words, its blockin/dying on the wait for the child process - the
kernel_thread process?

Upon using printk, I have been able to get the following error message

"Child process died with error code 1100"

Anyone knows what this error code means in the context of the kernel?
This wasthe error code that the kernel_thrad routine produced.

I'd appreciate any help you can give as I am VERY FRUSTRATED with this
Olufemi Anthony "Without struggle... there is no progress..." Frederick Douglas

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