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SubjectRe: /proc file system, seems to -not- have standardisation ?
> 	/proc/dev/net                      <	these are my areas of greatest
> /proc/dev/net/eth0 < concern on the subject.
> /proc/dev/net/eth1 <-- This line would allow the
> /proc/dev/net/eth... < testing for eth1 & then

This actually doesnt help much but does expand out some useful stuff
currently specific to the wan driver.

> PS: This is just a very crude idea, not even sure if it is viable
> with present Kernels.

I think it is. Certainly if someone came up with a rational format for
all of /proc, that _didnt_ clash with the existing /proc files I would
be willing to go for it and to optionally support 'oldproc' files in
2.2, and lose them over a couple of years as the tools knew the newer

Whoever does it had better get it right however - we don't want to do
that more than once


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