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SubjectRe: problem deleting large files on ext
On Mon, 17 Feb 1997, . Tethys  SYSTEM ADMIN  X wrote:

> I use mkisofs to create ISO9660 images in preparation for burning onto
> a CD-ROM. The ISO image is a single file, usually over 620MB. When this
> image has been burnt onto the CD, I delete it to free space for the next
> image. The images are stored on an ext2 filesystem.
> However, on a 750MB partition, deleting a 620MB file frequently leaves
> only 275MB free. This is an intermittent problem. Sometimes it works
> fine, and frees the full 620MB, other times it doesn't. I've tried
> scrapping the whole thing and remaking the filesystem from scratch,
> but that doesn't make any difference. After a reboot, things are fine,
> and the full amount of space is free. I guess this is related to the
> fact that e2fsck reports a problem with a dtime (I think) of zero, and
> fixes it. Next time it happens, I'll try to get the exact message from
> e2fsck.
> Any ideas (kernel 2.0.28)?

Havent you forgotten to unmount the iso file as loopback before deleting

This hapend to me quiet often, and it's hose the filesystem a little.

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