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SubjectRe: unofficial pcmcia patch for 2.1.25
On Thu, 13 Feb 1997, David Hinds wrote:

> I've put a new "2.9.2" in /pub/pcmcia/NEW on Let
> me know how it works.


well, right now I'm checking the ethernet card. This is what happens:

1) If I ping a free address, the system just sits there, no ping comes
back, machine runs fine.

2) If I ping a remote machine, around 4 seconds nothing, the arp request
goes over the net, then 3 pings return with 4, 3, 2 seconds ping
time and then the machine locks solid.
I tried to measure it more exactly with a ping, it looks like after
the arp answer there's time for another packet (or that packet causes
the hang). I get one echo request (and the corresponding reply) or a
connected message from telnet.

-- No, this happened only once, I can't reproduce it...
3) If I start a ping and then hit the Ctrl-C key, the arp request goes
out (as in 2), gets entered in the tables in the remote system. I then
can login into the laptop via telnet and use the connection (right now
I'm doing a backup, hope the connection lasts long enough ;-}). (Yes,
it's done :-)


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