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Subjectproblem deleting large files on ext

I use mkisofs to create ISO9660 images in preparation for burning onto
a CD-ROM. The ISO image is a single file, usually over 620MB. When this
image has been burnt onto the CD, I delete it to free space for the next
image. The images are stored on an ext2 filesystem.

However, on a 750MB partition, deleting a 620MB file frequently leaves
only 275MB free. This is an intermittent problem. Sometimes it works
fine, and frees the full 620MB, other times it doesn't. I've tried
scrapping the whole thing and remaking the filesystem from scratch,
but that doesn't make any difference. After a reboot, things are fine,
and the full amount of space is free. I guess this is related to the
fact that e2fsck reports a problem with a dtime (I think) of zero, and
fixes it. Next time it happens, I'll try to get the exact message from

Any ideas (kernel 2.0.28)?


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