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SubjectRe: $$$$$FAST LEGAL AND EASY$$$$$
At 00:52 16/02/97 -0700, Erik Andersen wrote:
>On Feb 16, 1997, BoSox11978 wrote:
>> ! ! ! MAKE MONEY - Legal and Easy ! ! !
>--------------Illegal, moronic, pyramid scheme deleted--------------
>Thank you for your interest in the Linux operating system. As you
>posted to the linux-kernel mailing list, you are obviously interested
>in the development of the Linux kernel. Please find enclosed a
>complementary copy of the latest Linux kernel, version 2.1.26, free of
>charge. I hope you enjoy all of the 358605 bytes as much as I do.
> -Erik
>p.s. The kernel was only sent to "BoSox11978", not to the mailing list.

perhaps you should send a copy of GCC as well, in case they can't compile
it? And maybe he's interested in the stable 2.0.29 kernel ... better send
the source to that as well.
William R Sowerbutts (BtG)
Coder / Guru / Nrrrd
main(){char*s=">#=0> ^#X@#@^7=";int c=0,m;for(;c<15;c++)for

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