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SubjectRe: offshore RTL8029 chip
"A month of sundays ago Paul Gortmaker wrote:"
> Once again, Linux v2.0.x (x>22) will detect RealTek 8029 cards out
> of the box as long as you compile the driver into the kernel. If you
> want an autodetecting module, or have another PCI ne2000 clone that
> is not a RealTek, then please go see:

It certainly was not plain to me from your page, wonderful though it

On your page, you say:

Cards with the RealTek 8029 chip.
Cards with the Winbond 89C940 chip.
The Compex RL2000 card.


PCI NE2000 Cards and the v2.0 Kernel

All of the above cards are supported with the v2.0 kernel as well, but
you have to apply a patch to the kernel source first.

which seems to me to "mean" that pci ne2000 cards in general and the
realtek chip in particular are not supported by the vanilla 2.0.*
kernel. Could you perhaps change the wording to make it clear that you
are talking about _modules_?

Regards and *thanks for the great work*!

Peter T. Breuer Phd. Ing.,
Area de Ingenieria Telematica E-mail:
Dpto. Ingenieria Tel: +34 1 624 99 53
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Fax: +34 1 624 94 30/65
Butarque 15, E-28911 Leganes URL:

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