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SubjectRe: VFS: No free inodes - contact Linus

->I installed 256 MB RAM to our 2.0.29 PPro server, and what
->happened was that:
->that was the last message what the machine said, before
->it went stuck.
->VFS: No free inodes - contact Linus

Well reading this post and other follow-ups I get impression that your
e2fs parition got messed up quite badly since it stops even before the
init is executed... I had something similar, ie would print the
VFS: some other error message and stop. And I'm 100% sure it was due to
some incorrect data in boot block of the e2fs parititon since I
netboot the machine and would replace kernel, /sbin/init and whatever
else could come to my mind (and of course I did fsck it few times) only
recreating the e2fs parition would help.

.. in my case it was that the cpu was overheating and causing substle
errors .. putting on my p120 an heat fan for p200 helped solve all


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