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SubjectRe: romfs

>> Hmm, how is the development of romfs? Is this a good fs to use as a live
>> filesystem on a CDROM? Can file compression be built into romfs, such
>> that files under a certain size can be optionally compressed to save
>> space? Are all the Unixy attributes useful for such a filesystem present
>> (eg device bits (block, character, pipe), sticky bits, read, write,
>> ownership, etc?). Just looking for a bit of clarification.
>What's wrong with ISO 9660, which is already optimized for CD-ROMs,
>and with Rock Ridge extensions have all the necessary stuff for Unix
>built right in?

The only possible problem with iso9660 is that it isn't
particularly efficient WRT memory usage. In the directory structures,
numbers are frequently stored in both endian formats to make them easily
readable on both big and little endian systems. There is also 32Kb of
unused space at the very beginning of the disc.

I didn't catch the beginning of the thread, so it wasn't entirely
clear what type of application was being discussed.


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