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SubjectRe: IDE Disk Problems
On Sat, 15 Feb 1997, Ray Auchterlounie wrote:


> >reliablility rateings. even the lowend SCSI drives match the highend IDE
> >ones. I prefer Quantum, Seagate, IBM scsi drives (Atlas, Baracuda, ???)
> [...]
> I don't think you can necessarily generalize like this. I personally
> wouldn't recommend a Barracuda to anyone who wasn't planning on
> running it in a fridge. I've seen several have very short, hot,
> lives (shorter than any dead IDE drive I've seen).


I don't want to start a "Is ! Isn't !!" war but ...

I have been using 21 x 4 Gb Baracudas in a RAID 7 box for more than a year.
Sure they run very hot, but then again they're designed to handle that.

In my own box I have a 2 Gb Baracuda, besides a 1 Gb IBM and 2 Gb Hawk, and
a nice "foot warmer" the "Bara" is indeed. Yet once again this one's been
running for at least 2 years in a midi tower with only a fan in the power
supply. Whereas the RAID kit is in our Data Centre, I cart my box to-'n-fro
twixt work (air conned at around 24 C) and home (uh, not exactly air conned,
and Pretoria regularly hits the thirties Celsius)

So, my experience doesn't quite match yours, for what _that's_ worth.

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