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SubjectRe: glibc and 2.1.26

> - Binutils
>Note that the last officially released version of Binutils is,
>and binutils isn't even available in the GCC private developers
>snapshot location anymore.
>When I tried using the latest private snapshot, which is binutils
>, the kernel wouldn't build at all --- ld complained that the
>___{start,stop}___{extable,keytab} symbols were missing.
>Stymied, I fell back to the binutils that's included with RedHat
>4.1, and the resulting kernel appeared to work.
>We should be really, really careful before telling people to use private
>development-only snapshots. In fact, if the only way to compile the 2.1
>kernel is to use private development-only snapshots, I would agrue
>something really wrong has happened.


-rw-r--r-- 1 hj linux-gc 4496896 Oct 4 20:26 binutils-

has been in tsx-11:/pub/linux/packages/GCC (the public dir) for a good 4
months now. If you need more, here's the first few lines from
release.binutils- in the same dir:

This is the public release of binutils for Linux, which is
based on binutils 2.7. You also need libc 5.4.7 and gcc 2.7.2 or
above to use the precompiled binaries.

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