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SubjectThanks, and another Question
I would like to thanks those who answered my questions about having more than 64 megs in a machine at once. Thank you kindly gods :).
Ok, my second question is based on the same machine, unfortunaly it has been behaving badly still, this machine has allways been a bother sense the beginning, it has crashed under freebsd as well as linux(from 1.13? to 2.0.27) it has in it an adaptec 2940uw with seagate 2.1 uw scsi drive as well as an eide drive. and a cheap 16 ne1000 compatable ethernet card and an PCI smc-ultra ethernet card as well.
The errors range from trashing the scsi partions (that get bad enough to kill the kernel) to just protection faults, to VFS faults, and free block list corrupt? I know these are vague, but as there is more than one. I was looking at the kernel help, and the pages say in order to run with more than 64 megs of memory, it needs 512 k cache?

If anyone has any ideas, i would love to hear them. Thank you for your time and patience.

Scott Traynor

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