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    SubjectRe: IDE Disk Problems
    On Wed, 12 Feb 1997, Alan Cox wrote:

    > > Now, my question is, can (or is it remotely possible) linux be
    > > writing something out to the WD IDE drives to break the drive. The
    > > analogy being, that you can write to a video controller and cause
    > > damage to a monitor. One of our people have suggested that Linux is
    > > writing to sector 0 of the WD IDE drive.
    > No IDE doesnt permit a host system to damage the disk. The bang bang sounds
    > like the unit is dead.
    > > These WDs drives were bought at separate times so we do not suspect
    > > that we got hold of a bad batch of drives.

    Would it happen to be a Caviar 21000 series? We had a lab full of them
    (P5/120 Linux workstations). Turns out they had a firmware defect that
    *really* showed up under heavy access (read: non-windoze). WD shipped us
    a firmware upgrade, but, as we found out, ten minutes worth of access on
    the drive already did the damage, of the 29 machines, all but 5 have been

    WD fixed the problem before introduction of the 31000.


    -Jonathan _ _
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