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SubjectRe: IDE Disk Problems
My company recently received around a 100 HPs with Western Digital 1.6s
in them. Just a guestimate, however, I believe that around 15-20% of
them have had drive problems withing the first two months. These are
mostly running NT, however the one in my area is running Linux and i
suspect it too is having problems. I've basically lost both of my
bootable Linux partions once (at diffrent times...) due to drive errors.

Now my WD 1.6 at home as never caused me a problem with any operating

Andrew E. Mileski wrote:
> > I had the same problem on a 21000 (1Gb). Sent it back to the supplier,
> > they replaced the disks software and did a new low level format. Had no
> > trouble since. There have been problems with a few series of WD drives
> > that require a replacement of the drive's software. You can download a fix
> > from
> I can second this - sent the drive back to WD, and they sent me back
> a new drive (WD has a 1 year warranty). I think the Caviar must have had
> a bad run or two or three...anyways, works fine now, but they are hugely
> more noisy than my Seagate Hawks (I've got a pair of each).
> --
> Andrew E. Mileski
> Linux Plug-and-Play Kernel Project
> XFree86 Matrox Team

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