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SubjectRe: IDE Disk Problems

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Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 18:42:40 -0500
From: Travis Woodbury <>

> [snip]
> > Again, on the performance side, I get upwards of 25MB/s on either of my
> > Seagate UltraWide scsi devices; a measurement that you are very unlikely
> > to see on _any_ IDE drive (note: this is while the system is under
> > considerable load, too).
> >
> How did you measure that 25MB/s ? My 2 Maxtor IDE 2.0G's give me an
> 'hdparm -T' value (cached xfer) of 32.0MB/s on a Micronics PCI/IDE
> M54HI-Plus with a iP200 cpu. (My 'hdparm -t' >4.0 ie non-cached xfer) :-)

Whats the cached transfer rate matter. Its the overall throughput that

With a Buslogic BT-958 and a Seagate Barracuda (ST32171W) I get just over 8.5
with, thats not the cached rate. Unfortunately it didnt come cheap

BT-958 $241
ST32171W $695

IDE seems to be the right choice for the everday workstation. I get great
with the Quantum Fireballs 6.50 MB/s. $252

But for a small server or heavily used work station an Ultra Wide bus of fast
kicks ass.

One of these days I'll have find the time to stripe two of those ST32171W's:)

Not that this affects kernel development:)

-Travis Woodbury

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