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Subjectconsole in CGA 40 column mode
Hi all,

Sorry to be asking questions about SYSV386, but I have run out of ideas
and decided to give this list a try.

I have a problem that I hope somebody can help me with. The organization
that I work for has decided to upgrade the hardware platform for a
training device that we support. The purpose of the device is to
simulate a radar / sonar display unit. The current hardware is an Intel
manufactured 386 25Mhz computer with a PixelWorks CGA video card. All of
this wonderful hardware is run by AT&T System V386 Release 3 with a
realtime extension package.

Due to portability problems, my company wants to upgrade the hardware
platform to a Pentium 100 Mhz ATX motherboard while keeping the video
card and OS a constant. We have actually prototyped the system and the
OS as well as the simulation software works fine with one small problem.
The PnP bios sees the PixelWorks video card as capable of only 40 column
mode ( the video card has run in 80 column mode with older Pentium
mothers) and as a result henders basic system administration and file
editing. The radar / sonar simulation is not affected because the
simulation software makes function calls to a PixelWorks library and does
not use video bios calls.

Here comes the million dollar question. Is there any way to reset the
console to 80 column mode short of flashing the bios with an up or down
grade? The stty command is present in the SV386 but does not support
column or row arguments. Also there is no way to disable the PnP mode
from the bios or manually specify the video mode. Any help is greatly
appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Jeff LeFiles
Programmer / Analyst

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