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SubjectRe: IRQ 2,9
On Tue, 11 Feb 1997, Derrik Pates wrote:

> IRQ's 2 and 9 cascade the IRQs from IRQ controller 2 into controller 1.
> You can use IRQ 9 - I've done it successfully with an assortment of cards
> on my box.
> Plug and pray system, I take it? Probably the SCSI card is plug-and-play,
> and is getting assigned to some other IRQ. Then, when you tell it IRQ9
> explicitly, it tries and fails to communicate over that IRQ. might wanna
> check to see if there are manual DIPs or jumpers on the card that you can
> set.

Well... yes and no... System is Plug and Pray, but it's disabled, and the
card is not... but you were half right... For some ungodly reason, the card
had 2 places to set the IRQ... one was the "IRQ to tell people to use" and
the other was "The IRQ to use" wierd, stupid, and worthless... but I'll
deal.. heres where the problem is NOW:

I set BOTH IRQ jumpers to 9.. checked to see how DOS liked it... it says
"A-OK!" so i figure its a valid setting...

Next I go into Winblows-95 and it says.. "Conflict with Video card.. but
I'll deal" (It says its a coinflict if you ask, but dosent complain, plus
the SCSI card works..) I figure its acceptable...

Now linux... linux says:

Feb 12 01:16:04 spiff linux: scsi : 0 hosts.
Feb 12 01:16:04 spiff linux: scsi : detected total.

That simple. Then it complains about my scsi drives having bad superblocks
and my cdrom not existing... but I'd imagine thats bogus b/c the devices
dont exist if my scsi card isnt there...

HELP! HELP! I have my mouse now... but I'm missing 2 HARD DRIVES and a


"God is real, unless declared integer."

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