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SubjectThunderLan Driver (was: Compaq PCI probs)

> I wonder if there is anyone that has managed to use the
> built-in PCI devices (ie Netflex/3 network adapter) on the
> newer kernels. I have tried to hardcode IRQ's and I/O space
> addresses, but there is not even a "probing..." message
> during startup.
> I have an Compaq Deskpro 4000 that I really would like to
> have working. During startup there is 3 lines of PCI32 bios
> messages that looks normal (directory entries found etc),
> but then it goes on abount "unknown PCI device at xxx:yyy".
> There is no problem with the CL5446 PCI/Video adapter though.
> It works like a charm.

Yup, the old netflex 2 card was the PCI Lance IC. I've got a
DeskPro 6200 (now the old model with netflex 2) and that
uses the Lance driver but you need the patch to find the
PCI BIOS (as Compaq put it above sky-high !)

With the newer (I've also got a Model 6000) systems, you
still need the PCI BIOS patch. The netflex 3 is actually a
Texas Instruments IC (ThunderLan) which operates in a
similar way to the Lance. So, I'm in the middle of my first
net driver project at the moment and writing a driver for
the ThunderLan. Don't hold your breath - I'm have great
fun breaking things ;-)


PS does anyone know why my boot floppy starts the
kernel proceeds most of the way and the re-boots ?
I'm using the aha2x4x.s image from SW 3.1
Any opinions expressed in this message are entirely my
own and may not reflect the opinions of my employer.
I know you believe you understand what you think I
wrote. But I am not sure that you realise that what
you read is not what I meant.

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